Quick & Affordable Tree Services in the Delaware Valley

Quick & Affordable Tree Services in the Delaware Valley



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We offer comprehensive tree removal for our clients who want a tree removed from their yard or property. The cost of tree removal includes cutting the tree, removing the stump, and cleaning up any debris that remains.

We are pleased to offer trustworthy tree removal services in Philly, Bucks and Montgomery County, PA (and the neighboring regions). We are not a giant tree care company but a local business that employs locals. Thanks to efficient, talented personnel and decreased operational costs, a full and comprehensive tree removal service is within your reach without breaking your banks. If you compare estimates from several tree service companies for tree work, you'll notice that Rapid Tree Care has the lowest rates for any tree work you might have.

If you're not so sure if you need tree removal, we'd be pleased to discuss your any concerns you might have over the phone, you can talk to one of our arborists. If you're in a hurry and don't have time for a quick talk, you may always submit the estimate form on our website. We always respond to you within the same day. Rapid Tree Care, your local tree service, strives to be the go-to company when you look for local services near you. For emergency services, we always recommend contacting.

3 Signs A Tree Needs to Be Removed

In most circumstances, a tree that is leafless all year and does not produce new branches is dead. A tree that has just been dead for a few months is unlikely to pose a structural concern. However, we recommend that it be removed as soon as it is confirmed to be dead. We usually urge that huge trees that have been dead for years to be removed as soon as possible. Because the tree is dead, the timber is rotting and less sturdy than living wood.

  • The tree can survive for years in this condition, but one day a strong wind or storm will force it to shatter and could pose danger. If the tree falls near a building or structure, it will cause damage. Most insurance policies will not cover damage caused by a dead tree. If you suspect your tree is dead, please contact us so we can inspect it. We will be able to propose the best tree service, whether it is complete removal or tree cutting.

  • If a tree has been severely damaged after a storm, such as a trunk breaking down the center, we will always recommend that it be removed from your property. Though the tree is still alive and may grow, exposing the inner wood makes it more susceptible to diseases. This weakens the tree in the long run. In the worst-case scenario, the tree's branches may perish one by one. While the tree appears healthy, sections of it are dead. Our arborists recommend that such damaged trees be removed due to the dangers they might create.

  • If a tree is in the way of a construction project or you just need land cleared, we can have the tree removed. In some cases, we do not need to destroy them. We are happy to dig them up and transfer them as needed! We like to avoid killing healthy trees.

What is included in a Complete Tree Removal Service?

Services requiring comprehensive tree removal includes a few processes that will remove all remnants of the tree from the yard, including the stump. Our tree removal estimate includes a breakdown of all the process to be completed. Our arborists follow a step-by-step checklist to do these duties, which includes these key aspects:

  • Remove and/or trim branches that come into touch with other trees or surrounding structures. This is to ensure that the tree, as it falls, does not strike and harm any property.

  • Line rigging: In some cases, we cannot simply cut down a tree in a confined space. We remove parts one at a time from the top down, which necessitates tying them off first.

  • Wood Chipper: It is frequently cheaper and quicker for us to come our wood chipper to dispose of the wood and cart it away while we work on removing the tree.

  • Stump grinding/digging: Once the tree has been removed and the stump remains, we begin the process of thoroughly removing the stump from the ground.

Rapid Tree Care takes great care to guarantee that you are completely happy with the tree service we provide, as well as that no property damage occurs.

How Much Does A Tree Removal Cost?

This is a typical question we receive at Rapid Tree Care. Tree removal typically cost more than our other services, such as tree trimming or stump removal. The reason for this is that entirely removing a tree requires several processes.

After we've trimmed the branches and prepared the tree for removal, we must ensure its safety. The wood must next be disposed of, and we prepare to remove or grind the stump. After we remove the stump, we fill the pit to ensure that no sign of the tree remains. These projects can take anything from a half-day to three days for huge trees.


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